Hoppy IPA Day!

Ahhhhhhhh, August 1.  A highly revered day at Casa de I Talk Beer!

Why?  Because it’s IPA Day!  So how are you celebrating?  Are you READY to RUMBLE and get the Hops a’poppin’?


We were so ready to celebrate that we started yesterday.  I started with a 4 Hands Alter Ego – a Black IPA that is mind-blowingly delicious (see image) and Jimmy started with a Divided Sky Rye IPA.  Both were exquisite.  

If you are in the St. Louis area you should definitely stop by the 4 Hands Tasting Room and try these IPAs.  if you somewhere else in the Beer-verse – enjoy whatever IPA you can get your hands on.  

Be sure to share you pics on Instagram or FB or Twitter, or whatever social media you prefer, using the hashtag #IPAday (with a lower case “d”) so we can check out what you’re drinking and thinking!

Fun facts about IPAs: Women love IPAs, Men love IPAs, even cats love IPAs! Meow Meow!

That little fun fact was taken from an infographic created by Gina Shauland and posted by The Beer Wench. Thanks to Shauland and the Beer Wench for posting so much IPA fun and thanks to Emily Ragle for creating the IPA Day logo for 2013.

Now go out an enjoy.  Hip Hip IPA!!!!