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Hoppy IPA Day!


Ahhhhhhhh, August 1.  A highly revered day at Casa de I Talk Beer! Why?  Because it’s IPA Day!  So how are you celebrating?  Are you READY to RUMBLE and get the Hops a’poppin’?… Continue reading

A Little Venom Won’t Hurt You…


Here’s the second installment of Maxwell Randall’s Pacific Northwest Field Notes. Opa! I heard through the beer grapevine that The Noble Fir (one of my favorite Seattle beer bars) was tapping Hop Venom IPA —… Continue reading

Up Your Beer Knowledge


You can take that title anyway you like.  T-unit has agreed to enlighten us with a weekly “Up Your Beer Knowledge” post where she will share some fun tidbits and “Did you know’s…” about beer. … Continue reading