Field Notes from the Pacific Northwest

I received two field reports from one of our best and thirstiest beer researchers.  The beer picture is worth a thousand words – or drinks – and the review seals the deal.  Here’s the first installment.  Enjoy!

Yeti is by far one of my favorite imperial stouts.

A very BIG beer, it comes in at 9.5% abv. brewed by the great folks at Great Divide in Denver Colorado.

This beer pours jet black, looks like motor oil coming out of the bottle, and once it’s in the glass it has one of the darkest heads I’ve seen, no light get’s through the beer, it is a pure opaque darkness dream of a beer, even the head is a dark brown color.

The smell I get from this beer is straight up dark chocolate, coffee, leather, and maltiness, only the faintest hints of that big 9.5% abv are picked up in the nose, yummmm.

Yeti tastes even better than it smells.  It tastes like deep dark chocolate and bitter espresso, mouthfeel is definitely full bodied and just the right amount of carbonation, this beer coats your entire mouth and leaves you wanting more.

I love drinking this as a desert beer because of the chocolaty sweetness. The 9.5% abv is definitely masked well.  If you’re not careful this beer will sneak up on you, it’s a sipper for sure, but it’s so easy to drink and tastes so good that you can drink it faster than many other imperial stouts on the market.

On a scale of 1-10 this beer gets an 8 from me, it’s outstanding.

If Great Divide distributes in your area GET THIS RIGHT NOW!!!

Maxwell Randall