Happy Mother’s Day!

The day to celebrate Mother has arrived. 

If you haven’t gotten your mom anything yet for Mother’s Day, why not break out of the flowers, candy, Coldwater Creek mode and instead buy her a 6-pack of your favorite craft beer?  What better way to say “I love you”?!

Better yet — you could do a “Pick 6”.  Select 5 beers you think she will like and then choose 1 beer you know she won’t like — this will ensure you get one too!  You could even do a Mother’s Day beer tasting with mom!

If you decide not to go the 6-pack route, you could break out of the “take mom to a fancy brunch thing” and instead take her to your favorite pub!  Enjoy a few rounds of delicious craft beers with mom and you are sure to be her pride and joy.

Whatever you decide (I’m thinking flowers and one of the 22 ounce specialty beers), take a moment to toast (with one of your favorite brews) the woman who gave birth to you.

Here’s to our moms!  Slainte!