Square One is Anything but Square

So I was out doing a little research the other day and my travels took me to Square One Brewery and Distillery in Lafayette Square.

I tried the Sterling IPA at the 4 Hands Lupulin Carnival, and liked it, and I was anxious to sit down and enjoy a glass.

Before drinking the Sterling, I tried the Barrel-Aged IPA.  The brewer took the Sterling IPA out of the fermenter and aged it in an oak barrel for about a month.  The taste and smell of whiskey was up-front.  It was smooth and excellent, however, a bit strong for a sunny afternoon.  This beer would suit me better on a cold winter evening.

I did, however, enjoy several pints of the Sterling IPA.  It was clean, a bit malty, and bitter.  Smooth overall.  It paired well with the sun and warm weather.

My research companion, who goes by the name of “Slamlatitude” or “East Indigo”, depending on the day, broke out of her usual bitters pattern (she loves the IPAs) and tried the Irish Stout.  Her exact words “I’m a big girl now!”.  She described it as smokey, smooth, and good.  In otherwords, it was “smoove”!

With Friday approaching, I was thinking of a goal for this weekend…try a beer outside of your usual “circle of friends”.  I’d love to hear about it.

Hoppy endings!